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SHARE A CUP is a pay-it-forward campaign, where customers can purchase a nutritious cup of our fresh, pressed Apple Ginger Tea either online or in-store to share with a neighbor, friend, or stranger.

The motivation behind “Share A Cup” is that by sharing a nutritious cup of Apple Ginger Tea with your neighbor we curate an opportunity for the residents of Lindsay Heights to create a sense of community through giving, caring, and to do some good for one another in our neighborhood. Our hope is that through this simple act we create a giving heart in Lindsay Heights.

HOW IT WORKS: The campaign will take place in February, March, April & May, but donations will only be accepted for the first week of the campaign launch .Each cup costs $5, and you can purchase as many as you would like. Once your order is in the system, we 


Share a Cup

Purchase a cup, and we will share it with the community. You can purchase one or more

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Taste of Lindsay Heights is a carryout cafe owned by Walnut Way, featuring cuisine from local food entrepreneurs.

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Monday - Saturday 9am-4pm


Location: 1617 W. North Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53205

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