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"I like when people smile when they taste my lemonade"

Meet Kyric

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Kyric Burt, Owner of Kyric’s Lemonade

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It all started with a pair of roller skates. To earn money for roller skates, Kyric Burt set up a lemonade stand at her mom’s rummage sale. With a little post on social media, customers flocked to the lemonade stand for a cold glass of the nine-year-old’s lemonade. Her church asked her to set up a stand after services, and there was a long line down the sidewalk. That’s when she got her first gallon order and everything went viral. Soon, Kyric’s Lemonade was selling 40 to 50 gallons a day. Kyric aspires to grow her brand and someday partner with a big-name drink company to share her lemonade with the rest of the world!

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